Providing Policymakers with Tools to Improve Student Outcomes

Providing Policymakers with Tools to Improve Student Outcomes


Given limited resources, provide policymakers in Peru and Jamaica with policy interventions to improve student reading scores. 


Among other things, data showed that only 31% of first graders had textbooks, only 12% of schools had a library, less than half of teachers had sufficient teaching experience, and many schools had overcrowded classes.

Relying on such data and discussions with policymakers, we developed a model that graphically displayed critical factors and the causal chains leading to learning outcomes. Causal Links then developed the Policymakers’ Workbench, a tool that uses probabilistic techniques and research evidence to predict the impact of various interventions on learning outcomes.


Using the Policymakers’ Workbench tool, policymakers were able to consider the impact of various changes to resources, instructional practices, and combinations of other possible interventions. By considering the likely impact